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Goodstuff Communications

Just complete, the design and fit of media agency Goodstuff’s new workspace in a building opposite Centre Point. It will only be home for 18 months before the agency moves to a new bigger site, so the brief was simple: to create a cool space for their team to enjoy, and to make Clients want to spend time hanging out there. But without spending the earth. And to pull it all off in a super short space of time! Okay then. Let’s get to it.

Reception Desk Ampitheatre

The agency has a strong, creative brand and they have a black and white thing going on. So we kept things de-saturated and stripped back. Using pattern to do the talking. We also fashioned a three dimensional amphitheatre style structure in the main entrance – made from Birch ply. Which houses the main reception desk to the right, but also provide acres of clever hidden storage and multi-level seating to the left. We also wrapped the spiral staircase in the same birch ply and created hidden bike storage behind it. This new platform seating is used for breakouts and means everyone gets a spot for company presentations.

The Bar

Every agency needs a good bar. With a well stocked fridge, comfy bar stools and welcome arms. We fashioned our bar from the old reception desk corrugated iron from the agency’s previous Covent Garden office. Adding new worktops, bar stools, back bar storage, shelving and a hand-painted geometric wall mural disguising a hidden door.

Looking back towards the main reception desk and beyond to the mad men styled lounge area and a black four-poster-bed style meeting pod. Complete with integrated pinboard and places to scribble on during meetings.

Good_Stuff_512 _cool_workspace_office_design_interiors_graphic_london

Let’s have a Board Meeting

Every workspace needs a boardroom. And this one needed to be quite singular. Black. And White. And very GoodStuff.


All In The Details

The stylish accessories, quirky touches and in-joke type bits and bobs which add the final layer to a design. The really fun bit. Styling the space, ready for move-in, after most of the hard work has been done!


Take it to the Sofa!

When your office chair is swivelling in an annoying fashion. And your desk phone won’t stop ringing, take up residence on the sofa and invite people to join you for a meeting. We created a nice and relaxed lounge area for visitors to check into, and for staff to use in between times.


London Skyline

The agency is lucky to have an outdoor terrace on the top floor, looking over Central London’s rooftops. A lick of dark paint to the floor, reworking of the walls and a bit of urban fencing worked wonders. And keeps staff safe even on the most boisterous of Friday nights.

Good_Stuff_389 window arm_cool_workspace_office_design_interiors_graphic_london_decal_terrace_door
Good_Stuff_343 _cool_workspace_office_design_interiors_graphic_london
Good_Stuff_507 _cool_workspace_office_design_interiors_graphic_london

Custom Graphics

When you need to be creative with budgets, and have a big space to fill, graphics can make the world of difference. Our design included a whole range of specially designed graphics, applied to walls and floors and ceilings. Injecting a bit of fun and playing up the agency’s tone of voice. And guiding people around the space. We hand painted a lot of our designs and patterns, stencilled others and worked in some decals here and there. We added curtains to the glazed meeting rooms to make them a bit cooler and private.

For the love of mono

We have fallen in love all over again with the sheer power of Black and White. Working with a monochromatic palette was liberating in so many ways. Say no to colour.